Writers. People have visions of writers. It’s a dream job, right? Sitting pool-side, eating bon-bons and surfing the net all day. The truth is, writing is hard work.

I’m a freelance writer, editor and blogger. I don’t miss deadlines. In fact, I’m a bit fanatical about it. I also strive to turn in assignments early. I have been published in national and regional magazines which include: Flight Journal, LIVING Magazine, Society Life Magazine, Chrome Magazine and Stepping Stones. I write about a variety of topics and specialize in commercial aviation cabin safety, infertility, and parenting. I have been published in the Patient Mentor Corner blog for IVFMD in which I discussed openly my struggle with infertility.

I’m a graduate from the University of North Texas. I live in Grapevine, Texas with my husband and daughter. In my spare time I volunteer at RESOLVE to help others who may struggle with infertility as I did.

I have a nice balance between my work and home life, which makes me a happy writer. Why should you hire me? Because I’m a hard working, happy writer who doesn’t miss deadlines.

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